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Based in Detroit, Michigan, Utropicmedia specializes in Web Services, algorithmic heuristics, and secure data distribution solutions.

Members of Utropicmedia are encouraged to participate in the community at-large and foster technological progress through dialogue, research and development.

Utilizing Agile SDLC processes and the latest organizational tools, Utropicmedia delivers customized applications designed with support, evolution, performance and leadership in mind. Utropicmedia members use their experience and insight to use what works and disregard what does not: leverages technologies such as CloudFlare, Fastly, Flutter, Rust, Solidity, Java, 0MQ, PostgreSQL, NoSQL, Hadoop and more. Contact us now for more information on how Utropicmedia’s combination of Open-Source and Custom Software can deliver your project in record time, with record value.


Karl Mozurkewich


Nick Roberts

Solutions Architect