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Platform Integration

Integrate multiple systems – front and back-office – into a single, tailored platform that allows your team to work in harmony with web and mobile technology instead of spending time figuring out the moving parts.

Data and Heuristic Analysis

Software solutions ultimately are meant to collect and manage data – it’s estimated over 80% of knowledge potential your systems already contain is never utilized. Utropicmedia offers a hosted analysis and data mining platform that can securely execute continuous algorithmic analysis of complex, changing data sets. Give your business dashboards and proprietary models the complete data views they need to maintain your competitive edge.

Secure Data Management – Hybrid Blockchains

Secure and Encrypted Data storage, communication and collaboration. Meet regulatory requirements with strict access controls and ensure critical information is private, audited and secure.

Competitive Advantage with Fully-Customized E-Commerce Solutions

Tailored E-Commerce platforms powered by Magento are able to power businesses up to 100 MM USD annually and beyond. Integrate your E-Comemrce presence with marketing activities, JIT inventory management, customer applications, 3rd-party services and more. Utropicmedia provides the leading E-Commerce ecosystem, all in a private, dedicated delivery solution just for your company.

  • Multiple PCI DSS level support
  • Mobile solutions and 3rd-party secure integration
  • Private analytics solutions
  • CRM Integration

Mobile and Web Site application development services: integrated solutions and rich, dynamic data-driven applications that engage users.

Service Features You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

  • Optimized Business Content Management System(CMS)
  • Industry-Leading Agile SDLC to ensure project quality
  • Professional Project and Defect Tracking Tools for total project transparency
  • Cutting-Edge Technology Adoption to ensure your solution is always ahead of the industry

Increase the speed of your Application or Web Site with detailed performance profiling and optimization engineering. Whether optimizing an existing application or engineering a new one, performance is the difference between failure and success. With multi-tier caching, CDN integration, opcode caching and more, our team can resolve any performance issue your application has and make sure you get the best user experience possible.

Advanced Services

  • Full Application Profiling
  • Multi-Level Caching
  • Advanced CDN Services
  • Database Optimization
  • Security Scanning and Monitoring

Experienced software developers determine whether your project is a failure or a success. Get Utropicmedia’s multi-platform development approach that reduces development time by up to 70%. Our process allows construction of your project with a single code-base while maintaining access to native hardware like cameras and radios. The agile UDvP Development Process ensures constant contact with the business Stakeholders to integrate fast-moving requirements.

Value-add Features

  • Rapid prototyping using Sencha or Flutter advanced mobile frameworks
  • Server-side application services that work with your mobile app
  • Security Management

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