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Ranging from web portals to bio-metric security solutions our engineers and scientists develop solutions that give our clients the tools they need to compete. Though our core business is technology consulting and development, there are a handful of projects that we have commoditized and offer to broader audiences. Below are two examples of solutions we transitioned from tactical to strategic.

Encryption – Data and Application Security

Using industry-standard algorithms and implementing bespoke data management and security solutions allows our team to provide the highest levels of private data security available. From custom virtual machine containers that have real-time memory encryption to Elliptic Curve Cryptography and custom data distribution algorithms, our teams ensures your business goals are met.

Document and Content Management System

Utropicmedia’s Horizon platform offers rich control over public websites along with integrations for popular social networks and granular content permissions. Manage the most complex dynamic website with the security and functionality to make changes quickly, including integration with 3rd-party services using open standards such as REST, Protobuf, GraphQL and JSON-RPC.

Machine Learning

Gaining quantifiable and actionable insight from data using neural network designs increases the efficacy of everything from intrusion detection to user behavior analytics to environmental models. Data Intelligence allows solutions to scale intelligently while allowing human resources to focus on innovating.

Peer-to-Peer Blockchain Service Design

Applying combinatorial logic and optimization to graph-based problem domains yields many novel solutions that end up increasing ROI in ways never before possible. Using p2p patterns such as Chord and Blockchain allow reliable, secure clearing of information without central points of failure. Today’s blockchains have evolved offer multiple implementation patterns. Consensus algorithms like proof-of-stake, proof-of-work and proof-of-elapsed-time mean there are various options for your workload. Layer-2 solutions, ZK-rollups, parachains and more provide tools to create decentralized, auditable data structures. Choosing the correct combination of options is critical in addressing your use-case.


A platform for ultra-secure messaging, Securemail allows our clients with confidential, proprietary and otherwise critical information to communicate knowing their communication will only be read by the intended recipient.

International Hosting

A solution developed to provide our clients with a truly global hosting presence, our Global Colocation Logistics gives us access to data center resources around the planet.

Offered exclusively through Utropicmedia Managed Solutions.